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Welcome to the Tribe Website. Here you can find galleries of work and information about our artists and studios as well as information on piercing and laser tattoo removal. In the tabs you will also find a fancy easy-to-use contact form that you can utilise for any enquiries. Please have a look around and don't forget to check back for any news updates that we will be bringing to you on a 3d- real-time basis!

our guest artist TEX!

Thu 23rd Mar

we are very excted to have the amazingly talented tex with us for a short time! tex tattooes in her custom studio in San Francisco normally, but will be working at the Edinburgh tattoo convention and then for a few days after at our Edinburgh studio. she is handlng her own appointments, so if you'd lke one, get in touch with her directly.



cocktail party in Tribe Edinburgh!

Mon 13th Feb

25th Feb, 8-11pm

all invited!

we will be selling cocktails in the studio (and beer and wine) and all proceeds go to charity (again)

cocktail list to be announced- if you have any bottles of unwanted booze to donate to the cause, feel very free to drop them at the studio- we will make good use of them :)

we did this two years ago and it was a hoot, and we raised a load of cash for the rabbit wellfare charity. They will split the donations with the staffy charity this time, so make sure you pop nto our Edinburgh studo and enjoy a cocktail- drinking for a good cause- it would be rude not to.....

see you on the 25th!

artwork available to tattoo by Brunella

Thu 26th Jan

ideas from her sketchbook. Looking for that beautiful piece for your back? Bru's your girl :)