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Welcome to the Tribe Website. Here you can find galleries of work and information about our artists and studios as well as information on piercing and laser tattoo removal. On the top right you will also find a fancy easy-to-use contact form that you can utilise for any enquiries. Please have a look around and don't forget to check back for any news updates that we will be bringing to you on a 3d- real-time basis!

vegans! We love you!

Mon 13th Oct

if you are vegan, please let the recptionist know, we will make sure everything used in the process of you getting your tattoo is vegan.

we have vegan inks and stencil paper! every artist has their own favourite brands of inks, but most of them are vegan, but be safe and ask.

The stencil paper we normally use is not vegan (it's got lanolin in it) but we have vegan stencil paper, which we are happy to bust out for you.

for vegan aftercare we recommend Lush's Ultra balm, or a small amount of cocoa butter.

steven kerr working tribe 1 edinburgh 15'th november

Sat 4th Oct

Steven Kerr will be doing a guest day in edinburgh tribe 1 on the 15 november... drop Frazzles an email on tribetattoo@yahoo.co.uk


guest artist - joey t

Sat 4th Oct

Joey T from america is in tribe 1 edinburgh for 1 more week ... get in touch if you want some work.

joey joey tjoeyee