Morag Sangster

- Tribe 1 & 2


morsgI've been tattooing since 1990 and still love it as much as the day I started. I particularly enjoy doing tattoos that flow with the part of the body they are on, anything that wraps and/or accentuates the bodys motion appeals to me.

Styles I am drawn towards inclue Japanese, Floral and Art Noveau, but I also enjoy the challenge photo realism like portraits.

For more years than i care remember I've been writing a blog about my work, it's become thereapeutic (and a good memory aid for looking up how far we got at the last appointment!) and a way to stay in touch with past and present customers, or for potential new ones to see what I like to do. 

We used to have an active forum where I'd host the blog, but with facebook taking over as the way to communicate, we've let the forum slide a bit, and I've been using wordpress as a host for my blog.You can follow me here: moragsblog

I paint and draw a lot in my spare time, (not necessarily tattoo related), if you are interested in my other artwork, there is a basic art site I update from time to time here.

if you'd like to book a consultaion or appointment with me, it's best to get a hold of  Laura or Roz at or, or just use the inquiry form on the contact page.

I tattoo in Tribe 1 (Edinburgh) on Tuesdays, Fridays and every other Saturday .

I'm in Tribe 2 (Glasgow) on Wednesdays and every other Saturday.