looking to book an appointment with us? 

If you have never booked with us before, here is some information to get started. 

Considering getting a new tattoo or even your first one? We have guided thousands of people through this process, and invariably the first step is always your idea.

You need at least a vague idea of what it is you want before we can help you, luckily there is the worldwide web for those who are completely stuck. Do some research online for images that apeal to you, they don't need to be tattoos on someone, ideas can come from photos, drawings, tea towels, you name it.

Once you have a direction and maybe a couple of supporting images, contact the studio you want to visit and run it past the receptionist. Our receptionists are very well informed, they have worked in the tattoo and piercing industry for years and are great for discussing your ideas with. If your idea is still a bit vague, they can help point you in the right direction, if you know exactly what you want, they can match you up with the right artist for your piece.

Some tattoo ideas are very straight forward and just need to be tattooed on. Some need tweaking a bit to make the artwork work as a tattoo, and then some tattoo ideas need to be discussed at length, drawn up by the artist, require two or more consultations and a few sittings to do. The receptionist will be able to tell you where on that scale your idea fits in, and book you a free design consultation with the right artist, should you need it.

If you are booked in for a free consultation with the right artist for your project, expect to chat to the artist for 10-20 mins to get to the bottom of your idea and enable the tattooist to take the next step. Bring as much supporting reference material with you as you think will help, this can be print outs or pictures on your phone, some people bring a memory stick..it's all up to you. Sometimes showing the artist pictures of things that you DON'T like is as helpful as ones of things that you do, specially if the artist is to draw something up for you.

If you are planning something quite complex and complicated, please consider that you might end up with a large tattoo, or try to simplify your concept a bit. Cramming too many elements into one tattoo is not usually a good strategy, and can result in a cramped composition, or an overly fussy piece. With tattooing, less is often more.

We don't generally charge for drawings, but it helps if you and your artist communicate well about the design before any drawing takes place, we hope our customers are respectful of our drawing time and work with us to nail it.

Once the issue of the artwork and placement is sorted, the receptionist can book you in. If it's a small piece it can be done in one sitting, larger pieces sometimes requite a two or even more sittings. How long a sitting is is up to you, but expect 3-4 hours (unless you're hard as nails, in that case just book a whole day- 6hrs :)

Sittings need to be at least two weeks apart to allow for healing, going back into a tattoo that hasn't healed properly yet is a baaaad idea. It bleeds and hurts.

How long you have to wait for an appointment depends on who you get booked in with some artist work in a way that means they get booked up in advance, for instance if they specialise in big pieces. Occasionally artists have an availability within a week, other times you may need to wait a few weeks for your tattoo to start, in either case, it'll be worth the wait. 

Having said all that, sometimes a customer walks in with a nice small idea, there happens to be an artist available and the tattoo can happen that day........you never know!


Laser tattoo removal Edinburgh and Glasgow is by appointment only, contact the studio to get booked in for either a session, or if you are new to lasering, a free test patch. It's not as bad as it's made out to be on TV :)


For piercing in Edinburgh and Glasgow we operate a drop in service, however it's always better to phone ahead and book yourself in, that way you will definitely get seen at the time you want. Sometimes the piercer is out or busy,  so a booking is always a good idea.


Cosmetic tattooing is available in our Edinburgh studio only, and is by appointment.


get in touch, we will help you, no idea to small too daft or too big!