Erik Tricity

Tribe Edinburgh 



Having been forged in the womb of an artistic, creative, headstrong Glaswegian, using the deoxyribonucleic acid of an Edinburgh born artist/ art teacher/actor/home brew enthusiast, it was unlikely that I, Erik Tricity, would NOT fall into the world of drawing stuff for money. Having spent almost every lesson in school being told off for drawing/doodling (except Art, where I was reprimanded for talking in class!) I knew where my talents lay.

At the age of 16, I administered my first tattoo, on myself, with a machine made of Lego, bits of a biro, Sellotape and the motor from a remote controlled toy car. really was made of Lego!

Over the years, I have tried to avoid cornering myself into one particular style or genre, which,  not only saves me from getting bored , but also means that I welcome fresh challenges with an arsenal of experience. It also means that I'm a pretentious, egocentric tw*t, but I'm also a lovable, handsome, approachable fellow, who's main aim is to provide my customers with an enjoyable experience and great artwork!

I have tattooed internationally at the Amsterdam, Edinburgh, Rome and Perth Tattoo Conventions and have made thousands of customers from around the globe very happy,  including John Bishop, Daniel Sloss, Hazel O'Connor, James Mackenzie, and both Lord Thrapston Flagellator & The Insidious Doktor Mayhem from the band  Metaltech!

I love tattooing calligraphy, animal portraiture, human portraiture, cartoony stuff, fine line work and Eddie from Iron Maiden. (pictures of him. Not the actual guy, as his skin is all fusty and wrinkled)


Favourite artists: Alphonse Mucha, Simon Bisley, Kev Walker, Derek Riggs, Brian Bolland, Dave McKean, Steve Dillon, Glen Fabry, Sam Hayles, Lew Stringer

you can find Erik in tribe edinburgh - email him here on